The Best Places To Put Your Cell Phone Docking Station

Cell phone docking stations continue to grow in popularity with the massive growth in the smartphone market. However, a great number of cell phone station owners ultimately neglect this extremely useful tool because they are unsure of where to put it. Instead of letting your cell phone dock collect dust in your closet, here are a couple of spots to place your cell phone docking station to get the most out of this extremely useful accessory.

Foyer: Placing your phone docking station directly in the entryway to your home has a number of advantages. First off, it allows you to drop off your phone and get it charging as soon you get home. Plus, by keeping a cell phone dock here will make it easy to find your wallet and keys on your way out the door. And, because you’ll have plugged in your phone when you walked in, you won’t be wasting time playing games when you could be spending time with your loved ones.

Kitchen: While a cell phone station in the kitchen may seem like a strange idea at first, the wooden phone stand from Palmetto Wood Shop essentially transforms your phone into an entertainment center that will allow you to enjoy music while cook or even look up recipes.

Nightstand: If you use your phone as an alarm clock in the morning, then placing your wooden phone stand next to your bed will essentially provide you with an alarm clock stand while you charge your phone. Plus, since the wood docking station is available in 8 colors, it can match or accent your existing furniture.

No matter where you decide to place your cell phone docking station, make sure you use it as part of your daily routine.
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