Celebrating A Spring Anniversary

As the springtime winds blow in a change from winter, the air becomes lighter and the plants emerge with their first bits of green buds. For many couples, the arrival of spring reignites memories of love because spring is often a popular time for weddings. This means many couples celebrate their wedding anniversaries in the spring, and finding the perfect anniversary gift can be a real challenge year after year. While a traditionally popular gift for celebrating a fifth anniversary is wood, wood gifts like the cell phone docking station from Palmetto Wood Shop are an excellent anniversary gift for husbands and wives regardless of how many years of true love you are celebrating this year.

A wooden phone stand is an incredibly useful anniversary gift, but it is also extremely sentimental. With custom wood engraving, you can personalize your wooden phone stand to include the name of your spouse as well as your anniversary date. Not only will your spouse be reminded of your wedding day each time they plug in their phone, but the wood docking station is a beautiful addition to any home. Currently available in seven different finishes, our wooden docking station can compliment any bedside table or bedroom furniture’s look, so your perfect anniversary gift will feel right at home for years to come. Plus, because our cell phone docking station is handmade in the USA with real Baltic birchwood, this is a durable product that will last as long as your true love.

Whether you are celebrating your fifth anniversary with a wooden gift or simply are searching for the perfect cell phone docking station for your husband or wife, a personalized wooden docking station is an excellent way to commemorate your spring anniversary. Order a custom wood docking station today and remember to treasure your marriage every day.
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